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Everything you need to take care of your theme party to the smallest detail, to immerse all the guests in the mood chosen for the occasion. All the items for the table set, decorations for the preparation of the room, home or local, thanks to the beautiful thematic Mylar balloons for every occasion, personalized pots, up to costumes, gadgets or fine party gifts to give to each guest.

  • Fluo Party

    Festa Fluo & Florescente is one of the most popular events in recent years, which brings together children, teenagers and adults alike. Organizing a theme party means taking care of everything down to the smallest detail, from the decorations to the preparation of the table, to the gadgets to the gifts at the end of the party for each guest, to make the event unique and personal. The characteristic of fluorescent objects is that of emitting light, thus contributing to creating a unique, cheerful and pure fun atmosphere, especially when it is time to dance. Lots of decoration ideas for fluorescent and not only parties, also aquacolor to be able to paint the body or the face, or simply UV lipsticks or UV hair gel, so you can light up the room with your presence. (need for wood lights). There are several fluorescent accessories on the market and they are: Luminous gadgets (Luminous bracelets; Fluo glasses, Fluo heart-shaped glasses; Fluo circlet earrings; Fluo circles; Luminous mouths; Fluorescent punch ball)

  • Pirate Party

    The Pirate Party is one of the most popular and popular holidays for children and adults alike. The stories of these extravagant characters, who plunder the boats, always looking for the treasure chest hidden, with the help of a map, which steal food and gold tokens, have always fascinated all children. Also known as corsairs, they can be recognized by the distinctive features of their very particular clothing, and they sail the sea with a boat, on which the distinctive flag, black with a skull, flies over the largest tree to arouse fear. If you haven't organized it yet, then what are you waiting for? Here you will find everything you need to organize it to the fullest. Starting from transforming the guests themselves into real ferocious pirates. (Black bandana with skull, eye bandage, pirate face mask, gold coins) For the setting up, an important thing to know is that the predominant colors are black, red and white, and obviously you can't miss the Black Flags with the skull. A series of Pirate themed pots (Pignatta Forziere Deluxe, Pignatta Forziere, Pignatta Vascello). You will also find a series of thematic Party Boxes (Treasure Chest, with Pirate, with Vascello). So what are you waiting for! Sail aboard our vessel and get ready to plunder your guests with our incredible and original Pirate themed party.

  • Circus Party

    A complete line of articles for birthdays with a circus theme, the magical live show of Clowns, acrobats, animals, all with beautiful prints on the table set (plates, glasses, napkins), colorful graphics, funny, with animals from circus, and colored balloons. For all the kids who love the Circus this is the ideal theme to celebrate a birthday. In this way you can take care of your fantastic and colorful theme party, from the table to the decorations for the room, making it unique and unforgettable in this way.

  • Magic Party

    Beautiful products for your Magic Theme party, which will amaze both adults and children. Find the coordinated tableware, including pie plates, snack plates, paper napkins, glasses, table centerpiece, featuring graceful graphics that recall the magic of great magicians, the classic wizard's hat, the wand, playing cards and all the magic of a truly unique party. Thanks to these fantastic decorations you can furnish in the best way the environment of your theme party.

  • Hawaiian Party

    The ideas for organizing a Hawaiian party for children and adults are endless, but there are elements that should not be missed. The buffet table should have a tropical style, so it will be necessary to decorate it with plastic plates and glasses that reflect this theme, that is with bright colors, animals and exotic landscapes, and all enriched with cute gadgets to give to your guests. You can welcome your guests with lovely Hawaiian necklaces, and wanting to wear even the typical straw skirt.

  • Master Chef Party

    The Master Chef television program has a passion for both adults and children, so why not organize a Master Chef Theme party, where the little ones, playing and having fun, will have to try their hand at challenges as real cooks? The Master Chef Tema birthday party is one of the most delicious there is, where for a day even children will become super chefs, and make delicious recipes. You will find the pretty white chef's hat and apron, which you can give to each guest.

  • Holi Colors Party

    Holi Fest, or the festival of colors, joy, love and fun, is an Indian festival to celebrate the arrival of spring. The Holi Festival celebrates the colors of spring. The festivities include singing, dancing and throwing colored powder.

    Having become popular with adults and children, it is no longer limited to just the celebration of spring, but has become a real theme party, or an activity at parties, events, ceremonies.

    It is an event focused on music, on the arts and of course on color. This last element is given by the holi color, a non-toxic color powder (Available in 80 gram formats in 8 different colors) and safe which makes the event something truly unique compared to all the other formats.

    From the start of the holi festival, a countdown is carried out every hour by the vocalist / animator, 10-9-8-7-6 ...... 1-0 at zero the festival participants throw the holi in the air creating a fantastic cloud of color that overwhelms everyone filling the day with color. From that moment colorful people continue their "battle" of colors.

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